Like, Don't Have a Cow, Here's the Run Down on Tickets...

There are 3 Types of Tickets, 2 Ticket Packages, 4 Ways to Get Your Tickets.....well you get the on McFly 


General Admission Ticket: $45.00
Available Through Pala Casino or BEF Representative

Pre-Show Karaoke Party: $20.00
Available Through BEF Representative Only

Tix for Teachers: $25.00
Available Through BEF Representative Only - Because we're Hot for Teachers to be appreciated for their efforts with BUSD students.


Totally Rockin the 80's for $80
Two tickets to Bonsallpalooza 2013 purchased together will get you a $10 discount. You can only get this special discounted deal from a BEF Representative.

Strange Brew for $65
Buy a ticket to the Bonsall Rotary's Wine, Brews & Blues Festival and get a FREE ticket to Bonsallpalooza. That's right people, you get two events for one low price of $65. Wine, Brews & Blues takes place on Saturday, May 18th, 2013.  You can purchase your tickets online through the Bonsall Rotary's website or you can purchase them from a BEF Representative.  If you purchase online, your Bonsallpalooza 2013 ticket will be sent via U.S. Mail.



There's many ways to get tickets, please review the list of ways you can get tickets and which ones are available from each place. We aim to keep you like, totally confused and like, running in circles...just kidding, we are just trying to accommodate a multitude of family schedules to make sure everyone has an opportunity to purchase tickets. to support our schools.

We have all the types of tickets and packages, you name it, we'll get it... now the question is where to find one of those elusive representatives...Tricky, very tricky... they are parents at these schools so, their on campus A LOT.  If they're good little BEF Reps, they'll have their Bonsallpalooza Wallet with them at all times and you can stop them and buy tickets on the spot.  We'll also be at school & community events selling tickets (ie, :60 Seconds to Fame Singing Contest, BUSD's Open House (most schools), Fallbrook Avocado Festival). You can always comment on the Bonsallpalooza blog/website asking when someone will be on campus to get tickets from and we'll find you...oh yes we will.

General Admission Tickets Only are on sale at Pala Casino with no service charge at the Pala Box Office. Call 1-877-WIN-PALA (1-877-946-7252) for more information.  If you want a special deal or any of the other types of tickets, you cannot go through Pala Casino, they only have standard general admission tickets available to them.

3. Online (BEF Website -
You can only purchase Sponsorship Packages on the BEF Website right now (Those packages include tickets to Bonsallpaloosa, the Pre-Show Karaoke Party and Reserved VIP Booths. We may be offering a couple of special deals/packages online as the event gets closer so please check back for more details

3. U.S. Mail 
In honor of life before cell phones, internet and hand held computers, we are offering you to purchase any one of the Ticket Deals via the good ol' U.S. Mail if you prefer to be traditional 80's style.  Just, print out this order form (click here), select what you want, enclose total payment and send it to BEF, P.O.Box 1217 Bonsall, Ca  92028.


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